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Friday, June 10, 2016

Home Tour: 10 Tips for your Gallery Wall

Let me just go ahead and apologize for being such a slacker these past few weeks. I've been trying to get into a new groove, juggling my new job, looking for a new apartment, social life, blogging life, etc. So I'm sorry I suck so bad!!!! But on a great note, I'm back and back with another part of my Home Tour series! 

| My items: |
Together print/frame: now on sale for $8
Pink candle: sold out at Target
Pineapple bookends: sold out at Hobby Lobby (I still see some in stores though!)
Mirrored mini-drawer: HomeGoods
Mirrored lamp: Ross
Polka dot purse: Kate Spade from TjMaxx
Trashcan and briefcase filer: Target
Wall deer: HomeGoods/TjMaxx
Acrylic jewelry stands: HomeGoods (they have these all the time!)
Peony vase print: Hobby Lobby
Top elephant painting: HomeGoods
Eat Cake for Breakfast print: HomeGoods
(...basically you need to shop at HomeGoods all of the time like me hahaha.)

By no means am I a professional decorator, but I do watch countless hours of HGTV if that means anything... :)
Here are a few tips for starting your own gallery wall inspired by mine: 

1 | Don't be afraid to make it your own!
It's YOUR wall, decorate it with things you like!!

2 | Start out with a theme.
I once had a wall that was all black and white with lots of N's and damask print things. Now I like the eclectic/modern glam style, white, gold and pops of bright colors! 

3 | Get your layout together.
I personally don't like the idea of perfectly aligned, same-sized frames hung up in a square layout. (If you do, more power to ya! You're probably also more organized than me lol.) So I like to find things of all sizes and dimensions just because I think it looks more fun and not so boring. It definitely flows better in my opinion! Use painter's tape to tape out your layout!

4 | Plan your spacing.
Try and leave the same amount of spacing between each item. It's not always possible but it helps keep your wall look neater!

5 | Find a large focal piece.
The big painting at the top was purchased at Home Goods (of course) and was the first item I bought for this entire gallery wall. As soon as I found it, I knew exactly how I wanted to decorate this corner of my bedroom. Once I got this piece up, it was a matter of just finding the right items to hang around it!

6 | Keep it balanced.
Don't hang something on the left of the large focal piece and not hang something on the right. Remember, your focal piece is the center of the entire wall!

7 | Add color.
Try and find items that have those pops of fun colors. I chose to paint my red Ikea table powder grey to have a neutral base while my jewelry and posters keep my wall vibrant!

I got a lot of these frames from the Salvation Army near my work. Each were seriously $3.99 and they were from Pottery Barn! You can choose to print your own graphics (Pinterest) or shop at TjMaxx, Home Goods. Marshalls, Ross, At Home and especially Hobby Lobby. I find already framed or canvased graphics for less than $20 every time I stop in to look around! Original prices can get pretty ridiculous for just a colorful elephant or three printed words! And y'all know me, bargain shopper through and through!

9 | Add book decor.
It's a great way to fill space. I buy most of my books I decorate with from the thrift store. It's a little crazy but I get them for less than $3 a book, even those Lauren Conrad books! I definitely suggest looking at thrift stores or eBay/Amazon for your cute book decor! 

10 | Get inspired.
Look around, use Pinterest! I didn't know exactly what I wanted this to look like until I literally rearranged this corner over 10 times... hence why it took so long to share this with y'all!! The wall and desk decor has already changed since I shot these photos. I change things up at least once a month...#problems.
Friday, May 13, 2016

Beauty: Revision Skincare

I received an invitation from Dallas-based Revision Skincare to attend an exclusive blogger event at The Dallas Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics a few weeks ago and I couldn't be happier I decided to go last week! Greeted by bubbly and Nick & Sam's Grill bites, the vibe was relaxed and you could tell we were about to engage in a fantastic skincare discussion which I so desperately needed. I will shamelessly admit that the most I do for my skincare routine is a daily cleanser and moisturizer morning and night. No great serums, eye creams or even toners.

After learning from dermatologists Dr. Lori Stetler and Dr. Kristel Polder, the number one takeaway was how IMPORTANT sunscreen is for our skins (of all types and ages)!! The short and long-term effects of sun damage to your skin is gruesome when you see and read research on it. This goes for ALL skin types, ages, genders, ethnicities, etc.! I've got Hunter using sunscreen everyday now too!!! Revision Skincare's Intellishade has a fantastic SPF 45 and leaves your skin feeling incredible. Some of the other bloggers in attendance have said they may even be ready to rid themselves of daily foundation (I could never lol)! The Intellishade comes in 'matte' or 'original', it just depends on what skin-type you have or your preference! Adding one more product into your daily routine is so worth the extra 30 seconds it takes to put it on, especially if that product is the award winning Intellishade. Not only are you getting SPF 45 + antioxidants, you're getting a 4-in-1 anti-aging tinted moisturizer! Other benefits include pore minimizing, skin evening and the product can last you about 2-3 months! I'm definitely seeing a difference in the smoothness of my skin. I hoping with more and longer use my pores will get even smaller!!

I have yet to try out the cleanser and hydrating serum but I plan to start using them this weekend and I can't wait!! Sampling the hydrating serum at the event got me SUPER excited to use it instead of my current moisturizer. It's super light and helps both oily and dry skin! I'm super oily unfortunately. :(

If you're interested in Revision Skincare in the least bit, be sure to check them out in different magazine articles here! And if you just want to try out one product and see how you like it, I'd absolutely suggest the Intellishade or Hydrating Serum!! Shop their products here or make an appointment to see Dr. Stetler or Dr. Polder here in Dallas! Revision Skincare products are only sold online at their website or through medical offices!

Happy skincare shopping, y'all! :)
xo, N
Wednesday, May 4, 2016


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I love to decorate. Whether I am decorating my home or work office, I have to spruce up my spaces with some decor or I'll go insane! If you love how your space is decorated, you'll enjoy being in that environment so much more!

I am finally getting around to revealing Part 1 of my Home Tour! As you can see, my interstior style is modern glam with an eclectic flare. I love to mix metals, patterns and textures to give my spaces more dimension. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten to hanging much on the walls in my living room but with all of the small quirky items I have in this space, wall decor may be a bit much.

I have been adding and adding to my apartment since we moved in. Every week I'd have something added or moved around...hence why my Home Tour post has been so delayed! Funny thing is my lease is up at the end of July and I plan on moving to another place. I'm finally revealing my home and it won't even be the same place by the end of summer, hehe!

I recently read an article about how the color gray is taking over people's homes and Pinterest boards. You can read it here. I love, love, love the color grey especially to decorate with. I don't like how black can make a room feel pretty dark, even if it's well lit. Grey and white furniture and decor looks gorgeous especially with lots of natural light and that's what draws me to those colors so much! This combo keeps it very neutral so you can add in your colorful decor such as throw pillows, paintings or flowers!

Throughout my apartment I have incorporated a handful of copper items because I'm so obsessed lately. It's such a gorgeous metal and it really pops in a white and grey room. This is becoming a pretty big trend lately in home decor. My dream home will have copper fixtures, white marble counter-tops and grey cabinets throughout the house. I. Can't. Wait. :)

The last thing I wanted to touch on was how much I love my babies aka my plants! The best part about them is they are so low maintenance and for a busy girl like myself, they're so easy. My succulents and cacti usually only need a spritz every one to two weeks and even if I forget, they're very easy to revive! Every time a new leaf or bud begins sprouting, I get so excited!! I'm obsessed with my babies!

Thanks for letting me share my favorite room with y'all!! Stay tuned for my next Home Tour post about my gallery wall! 

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Happy decorating, babes!!!!
xo, N